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Why a newsletter for Revenue Ops you ask?

πŸ‘‹ I'm Syl. I lead the Revenue Teams at Pusher, now I help startups with their go-to-market strategies. You can read the long version here or the TL:DR below.

I come from the developer world, and there are weekly newsletters for every stack. Javascript Weekly, Ruby Weekly, Awesome Go, Kurbernetes Weekly. Name a technology and there are at least 2+ newsletters covering it.

I loved these newsletters because they allowed me to keep up with the latest best practices, tools, libraries, SDK, Events, etc in that ecosystem and stay in touch with the community. And I could bring great content or tools back to the office and look cool doing it. 😎

I looked around the RevenueOps world, and such a newsletter didn't exist. So I thought, ”I’m going to provide this service to the RevOps Community.” It’s my way of giving back after consuming so many newsletters in the past.


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What's in the Box Email

I strive to make every newsletter a joy to read and help you discover something new. What to expect πŸ‘‡

3-5 interesting links

Think about a recent video, cool tool, article, or tweet you saw that was great. Well expect more of that in this newsletter

1 question to challenge your thinking (or not)

I've built a question bank of over 100+ questions to keep me on my toes. Hopefully they will keep you on yours too.

1 Random funny things

Ops is cool and all, but sometimes you need that funny or wholesome meme to brighten up our day.

1 Random Musing by yours truly

My ahem expert opinion or comment on an ops topic. Usually 100-200 words.

What you could be saying about #BetterOps

This Syl guy' opinion is not great. But the links he's sharing are great.
- You, reading this newsletter on Thursday
The BetterOps t-shirt is my favorite gym t-shirt.
- You, talking to a coworker on Zoom
I Usually reshare everything that is in BetterOps with my team
- You, cause you like to look in-the-known

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